Passion is a powerful word. I use it here to introduce you to some of the things I love most. And…here they are:

I am passionate about…

Seeing people reach their potential in this life.

Protecting and preserving our earth if possible.

Third Culture Kids and Cross Cultural Kids.



Moving from tolerance to love.

Seeing people as people, not projects.

Electronic Dance Music and the dances associated with this.


Valuing all peoples: regardless of creed, ethnicity, religion, gender, etc.

Valuing all of nature, since it cannot defend itself completely and is more important and delicate than we realize.

The future: to see what happens and help where needed, maybe even change for the good.


Moving from poverty to potential by using the resources found within the people themselves.


Entrepreneurship, since there need to be more jobs created and more needs met.

Being a part of the universe. I have a place, as does everyone, every creature in the universe, every planet, every molecule, is important for survival or discovery or both and beyond that.

Truth (though no one will know this 100 percent, because we are always discovering).