The Beginning of the Worlds (A taste of the novel to come)

Sunrise approaches the horizon. All is quiet and still. In the cold morning air floats a head. The eyes are curved and large, the hair black and wavy. It does not speak, nor does it move, not yet. Ghostly and small, it stays in the same spot, floating and wavering. Suddenly, the eyes pop open and the figure shoots up into the sky at an alarming speed. Faster and faster it streaks across the sky, as it slowly turns to a burning spark approaching the rising sun. With a silent pop, the figure is gone and sparks rain from the sky. The sparks fall, hitting the ground with a soft thud.

The grass waves and trembles. Nine small fires burn where the sparks landed, yet the grass remains green. Slowly the fires sputter and die out, dropping something into the grass. Thud, thud, thud, the sounds echo across the valley. A moan arises from one of them. Slowly, a figure arises from the grass. The first to wake up. She yawns and stretches her hands to the sky. Blue eyes the color of the sea at dawn gaze at the rising sun. Her blond hair slips down to her shoulders, shimmering with its natural oils. Small, pursed red lips form their first words. “Good morning, world!” Laughing in a high pitched, piercing voice she twirls and dances around in the grass, spinning in circles with her arms outstretched as if to hug the world. Her short, slender body, elegant in its youthful form runs to the nearest tree and plops down to the rich, brown earth. Completely naked, she has not a care in the world, but her eyes show a mysterious depth. Staring off into the distance, the world grows silent again as the girl ponders this new found life.

A wail weak and wavering, but there all the same soon erupts into the silence. It is quickly followed by many such wails and cries, as the infant searches for someone to answer and care. Hearing the cries, the young girl rises from underneath the tree and runs over to the baby, picking it up and cradling it. She coos and murmurs to the baby, soothing the baby’s tense little body. Astonishingly, baby and child mirror one another, and a voice in the trees whispers “The child’s name is Sophie, and the baby is Sophie Junior.”

“Sophie?” the child looks around wondering where the voice came from. When no answer comes, she shrugs, and turns back to the baby. Both grow silent as they study each other, finding solace in one another’s company and the mirroring of their looks. Sophie strokes the baby’s shock of black hair and gasps in delight at its soft and delicate form.

“Hello,” a soft voice breaks Sophie’s concentration on the baby. She quickly turns around and comes face to face with another blue eyed creature. This one has a slender form like her own, but clothes cover its body. Sophie reaches out with her free hand to touch the green material that the girl is draped in. It has a soft, somewhat furry complexion. The material drapes the girl from head to foot. It tightens around her waist, and the arms, but drapes over her hands in large swathes. There is a band of green around her hair, which is a brownish, red color. At times, when the girl turns, it seems that the color is almost black. But, the most odd aspect of the girl is her ears. They are pointed, like some of the elves in storybooks, but the girl is tall, not short. Puzzled, Sophie stares and stares.

“My name is Serethia Falcon,” the girl giggles.

“What’s so funny?” Sophie asks.

“You keep on staring at me, and your eyes have grown so wide, I think they might fall right out!” Serethia says with a grin. Sophie frowns.

“I’m sorry to make you unhappy, can we be friends?”

“I’m not unhappy, but you are strange. Where did you even come from?” Sophie asks and turns all the way around looking for some door or opening somewhere.

“You are silly. Don’t you know anything about this place?”


“Oh. Well, this is not one world but many.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because, I know lots of things. Do you see that golden key around your neck?” Sophie looks down and finds a gold chain with a small key hanging off the end around her neck. She picks it up and stares at it intently.

“I didn’t see this before.”

“Well, you did just wake up. You wouldn’t have noticed it before now.”

“What’s it for?”

“Don’t you know what a key is for?”

“Yes, but, I mean, I don’t see any doors around here.”

“It’s not a key for a door, silly. It’s a key for your world.”

“Huh? I don’t get it…”

“It’s too complicated for you to understand right now, but I’ll explain it to you someday.”

“Okay.” Sophie sighed. The girls continue to look at each other, in silence.

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